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The CryptoTaxAudit Bulletproof Return

This is the type of return you wished you had filed if you knew you are going to be audited by the IRS. And it’s the only type of return we file for our clients. We report all the usual stuff, the W2s, 1099s, the K-1s, investment, and rental income. We also claim all of the deductions and credits that you’re entitled to.

So what makes it different? We add a legal affidavit to the return to report lost cryptos, thefts, rug pulls, and Ponzi scam claims. We include a disclosure form to explain our crypto reporting strategy. This disclosure helps you to avoid 20% to 40% accuracy penalties that can occur during an audit. We also include anti-money laundering forms when required to report any dealings with non-US financial entities. Failure to file these forms when required could result in a $10,000 penalty, so we make sure we file them even if other tax preparers don’t see the need.

Crypto Calculations Services

Clients asked for an easier pricing strategy and we’ve delivered. We have several calculations options. Your initial invoice reflects the service we believe is appropriate based on your prior year needs. We’ll validate the level selected with the crypto activity information you provide to us and inform you of any adjustments that may be required.

Note that activity levels for each of the following tiers are based on the crypto trading and investing that we observe in your submitted crypto activity information.

If you're are a crypto trader who:

  • Experienced losses this year;
  • has a tight budget;
  • did not make gains during the tax year; 

please provide us with more specific information when completing your quote request. We'll then determine if our Estimation option is applicable. 



Crypto trader or investor who is a HODLer with minimal transactions

  • Spot trades
  • Simple Defi swaps
  • Single token staking on an exchange


Crypto trader or investor using only a few exchanges or blockchain networks

  • Spot trades 
  • Simple DeFi swaps
  • Single token staking on a blockchain or an exchange 
  • This may also include NFT trading or complex DeFi transactions if transaction volume is very low 


Crypto trading or investing across multiple exchanges or blockchain networks

  • Margin trading
  • Derivatives trading
  • Token swaps
  • Crypto loans and lending
  • Only minimal NFT trading and DeFi trading is supported at this level


Crypto trading across multiple blockchains involving complex transactions

  • Yield farming
  • Staking 
  • Borrowing & lending
  • NFT trading
  • Play to earn games
  • Providing liquidity
  • Trading cryptocurrencies that are not commonly tracked for pricing data
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Tax Advisory Services

Tax preparation clients now have the opportunity to add premier level tax advisory services. These personalized services are especially valuable for clients with complex or unique situations and for businesses that need additional tax preparation support. 



4 hours



12 hours



30 hours

New Client Portal

We’ve developed a new Client Portal to make completing and submitting your information simple and easy. You’ll find access to all of the documentation you’ll need and tools to gather and submit your crypto wallets and addresses. 

We’re pleased to let you know Liam Higgins will be your Client Manager. He will be responsible for assisting you along the way and be your main point of contact.  

Thanks for being a CryptoTaxAudit client.

Get the Best Audit Defense

Filing a Bulletproof Tax Return is a great start to protecting your assets. The best Audit Defense backed by our team of experts provides you with the best level of protection and part of our relationship-based tools and services. Learn more and sign up for Audit Defense here

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